CQR Presents: Volume 19

Octavio Solis Sonia's New Smile
Chuck Rosenthal The Legend of La Diosa
David William Hill Les Boules de Hong Kong
Patty Houston You Bacon Me Crazy
Alan Cheuse Taste
Gary Houston Gateway
Catherine Segurson Flower Storm
RL Goldberg In the Flesh
Temma Ehrenfeld Before Some Beauty
Eleanor Spiess-Ferris The Art Store
Zack Rogow Havana Twilight
Jack Nicholls Hospital Smoker
Randall Brown Oh, Oh, Oh
Katherine Heiny Cranberry Relish
Coby Hoffman He Will Rise Again in Mariveles
Evie Rucker The Wonderful Day
Johnny Damm Twenty-One Essays on Alberto Cavalcanti
Trilby Kent Heroic Couplings
Benjamin E. Golden Murricuh: A Recon Mission
David Frankel This Is All I Remember
Jacques Prévert Birds At Random
Romana Iorga Out of the Labyrinth
Luis Cernuda Full Moon Night
Roy Bentley Byron and Shelley, Maintaining Beautiful Ohio
Gail Wronsky For Not In the Vain We Name the ConstellationsThe Light and Shade Upon the Globe
Myron Ernst Encounter
Diana Reaves Heron
Lucia Stacey I Read My Mother's Journal Once
Esteban Rodriguez Tamales
Stephen Kessler Camden Drive Doris Avenue Coyoacán The Floating World
Kathryn Delancellotti San Simeon State Beach, California
Christine Kitano Years Later, Washing Dishes, A Vision Friday Night Affair
Osip Mandelstam The Age
Nick Courtright There Was Very Little Doubt
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The Italian Issue

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Cover Italian Issue adjusted 2

The Italian Issue. Cover illustration by Rossana Campo


It’s here! Guest edited by Michela Martini, long in the making, this special issue of the Chicago Quarterly Review is a stunning collection of poetry and prose translations of contemporary Italian literature, featuring these writers, translators and artists: Cristina Alziati * Traci Andrighetti * Jacob Blakesley * Margaret Brose * Rossana Campo * Mauro Casiraghi * Mauro Castellani * Patrizia Cavalli * Mara Cini * Bonnie Costello * Deborah Davies * Franca Di Muzio * John Domini * Fabio Donalisio * Rudi Dundas * Adam Elgar * Biancamaria Frabotta * Adria Frizzi * Sciltian Gastaldi * Georgia Emma Gili * Robert Hahn * Michael Kirylo * Alessandra Lavagnino * Ernesto Livorni * Valerio Magrelli * Nicola Manuppelli * Michela Martini * Silvana Mastrolia * Elizabeth McKenzie * Massimo Migliorati * Guido Morselli * Ellen Nerenberg * Aldo Palazzeschi * Katia Pansa * Gabriele Pedullà * Giacomo Pilati * Alta L. Price * Frederika Randall * Rosebud Rosabella * Edoardo Sanguineti * Angela Scarparo * Olivia E. Sears * Nicola Skert * Emanuele Trevi * Francesco Verso * Patrizia Vicinelli * Patrizia Villani * J. Rodolfo Wilcock.

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CQR reading at Green Apple Books/San Francisco

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Zack Rogow and Syed Afzal Haider



Moazzam Sheikh


Zack Rogow reading from “Havana Twilight”


Elizabeth McKenzie and Syed Afzal Haider, Editors


Stephen Kessler reading selected prose poems from CQR #19


Catherine Segurson reading from “Flower Storm”


Evie Rucker reading “The Wonderful Day”


Donka Farkas reading her translation of David Frankel’s memoir “This is All I Remember”


In the Granny Smith room


contributors Evie Rucker and Stephen Kessler


Bay Area reading at Green Apple Books

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Green Apple Books is proud to celebrate the release of Volume 19 of the Chicago Quarterly Review on Friday, March 13th 2015 in our Granny Smith Room at 7:30pm. The night will include a short reception and readings from featured writers:


Donka Farkas
Stephen Kessler
Zack Rogow
Evie Rucker
Catherine Segurson
Moazzam Sheikh




CQR editor in NY’er

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Fiction in this week’s New Yorker by CQR editor Elizabeth McKenzie!

Savage 2014_12_15-200


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