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Volume 28, Spring 2019


With cover art by Rumi Hara, and featuring new work by:

Farah Ali * Mir Anis * Samuel Rafael Barber * Andrew Beckner * Ryan Bloom * David Booth * Brett Busang * Hamida Banu Chopra * Kim Farrar * Bill Gaythwaite * Renny Golden * Deborah Gorlin * Emily Greenberg * Rumi Hara * Harry Hutson * Muhammad Iqbal * Peter Joseph Koch * Michael Lavers * Trudy Lewis * Louise Marburg * Jen Michalski * Jonathan Andrew Perez, Esq. * Andrew Porter * Jory Post * Jane Ratcliffe * Zack Rogow * Malcolm Rothman * Michael R. Schrimper * Eric Severn * Ashley Shelby * Irene Hoge Smith * Robert Solomon * Matthew J. Spireng * Janferie Stone * Hema Surendranathan * Barbara Sutton * Patrick Sylvain * Thomas Wawzenek * Catherine Wong * Alexi Zentner

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Volume 27, Fall 2018

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Featuring work by: D.M. Aderibigbe * Bryce Berkowitz * Christopher Yohmei Blasdel * Beverly Burch * Steve Carrelli * Wayne Conti * Heather Cousins * Corey Davidson * Doug Dibbern * Fred Dings * Noah Dobin-Bernstein * Andrew Fague * Shawn Fawson * Joan Frank * Pamela Morneault Gemme * Toni Graham * Benjamin Harnett * David Harrell * Laura Heffington * Florence Homolka * Richard Huffman * Guillermo Lanza * Lara Markstein * Ben Masaoka * Karen McPherson * Isidra Mencos * Linda Downing Miller * Andrew Mulvania * Teresa Burns Murphy * Natalia Nebel * Chika Onyenezi * Frances Park * Juan Parra * Robert Leonard Reid * Jim Ringley * Leona Sevick * Micah Ruelle * Richard B. Simon * Theadora Siranian * Marjorie Skelly * Seth D. Slater * Eleanor Spiess-Ferris * Adam Sullivan * Lisa Taddeo * Rebecca Turkewitz * Daniel Uncapher * Mitchell Untch * Bradley VanDeventer * Larry Watson * Wang Wei * Ian Randall Wilson * Yanwen Xu * Gary Young * Fan Zhongyan

Volume 26, Winter/Spring 2018

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Featuring work by: Kathleen de Azevedo * Michael Blades * Christopher Buckley * Danny Calegari * Tyler Corbridge * Jennifer Dorner * Ken Drexler * Julie Esther Fisher * Randy Fowler * Jared Garland * Michael Griffith * Aliete Guerrero * Stephen D. Gutierrez * Colin Hamilton * Alison Harris * Richard Hedderman * Catherine Abbey Hodges * Carlie Hoffman *Charles Hood * Nathan Isaksson * Sharon Kennedy-Nolle * Robert Kerwin * Hank Lawson * William L. Lederer * Catherine Mao * Susan Mathison * Margarita Meklina * Megan Moodie * Daniel Mueller * RCA O’Neal * Rebecca Pelky * John Robinson * Zack Rogow * Dennis Saleh * R. Craig Sautter * Susan Sensemann * Ryan Elliott Smith * Moez Surani * Jackie Thomas-Kennedy * Sean Towey * Siamak Vossoughi * Daniel Webre * John Sibley Williams





Volume 25, Summer 2017

Featuring work by: Leslie Marie Aguilar * Ronald Alexander * Saskia Anderson * Renée Branum * Jackson Onose Braun * John Chandler * Kevin Clark * Mark Crimmins * Thomas Dodson * Christina Drill * Donka Farkas * Robert Fay * (Corinne) Renny Golden * Eva Sage Gordon * John S. Green * Rumi Hara * John Harn * Karl Harshbarger * James Kelly * Stephen Kessler * Chris Gordon Owen * John Stanford Owen * Clarke W. Owens * J. Ray Paradiso * Harry Mark Petrakis * Carol M. Quinn * Robert Sachs * Kevin Sampsell * Renate Stendhal * Alison Carb Sussman * Clark Theriot * Yukiko Tominaga * Russell Working



Volume 24, Winter 2017, The South Asian American Issue

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 “There was a time when the South Asian writer treaded the linguistic register rather carefully. Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children shook things up and made many of us his children. Not anymore! The new South Asian American writer is a wild beast.”—from the Introduction by guest editor Moazzam Sheikh

Featuring Vidhu Aggarwal, Kazim Ali, Meher Ali, Neelanjana Banerjee, Nadia Chaney, Sayantani Dasgupta, Tara Dorabji, Ali Eteraz, Saadia Faruqi, Mala Gaonkar, Madhushree Ghosh, Ro Gunetilleke, S. Afzal Haider, Syed Ishaq Haider, Minal Hajratwala, Soniah Kamal, Kirun Kapur, Maya Khosla, Swati Khurana, Waqas Khwaja, Anu Kumar, Aditi Machado, Amit Majmudar, Shikha Malaviya, Zafar Malik, Vikas Menon, Faisal Mohyuddin, Dipika Mukherjee, Somnath Mukherji, Naomi Munaweera, Shabnam Nadiya, Shivani Narang, Ifti Nasim, Sophia Naz, Toni Nealie, Mahmud Rahman, Reema Rajbanshi, Roshni Rustomji-Kerns, Chaitali Sen, Moazzam Sheikh, Ravibala Shenoy, Ranbir Singh Sidhu, Pireeni Sundaralingam, Sadia Uqaili, Sachin Waikar, Tanu Mehrotra Wakefield.

“This rich issue of Chicago Quarterly Review is the perfect antidote for the cultural ignorance of those who demonize immigrants and fear the inevitable browning of America. In these memorable stories, essays, poems, and photos, we see past differences of culture, country, and religion straight into the heart of South Asian Americans, realizing that it is our own heart, one that powerfully reminds us of our shared humanity.” –Charles Johnson, author of Middle Passage and The Way of the Writer

“In a time of mounting distrust of foreign cultures and unprecedented attacks against immigrants, this sweeping collection of writing by a new wave of South Asian writers is an antidote that both transports and illuminates. The irrepressible voices within rage against widely diverse assumptions and stereotypes and yet unite to remind us of the universality of the human condition.” –Manil Suri, author of The Death of Vishnu

Volume 23, Fall 2016

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Contributors include: Robin Barber, Andrew W.M. Beierle, J. A. Bernstein, Lisa Bloomfield, J. Scott Brownlee, Claudia Buckholts, Lucas Carpenter, Dounia Choukri, Emily Culliton, Patricia Engel, Robin Estrin, Katharine Haake, Stanley Horowitz, Michael Hutchison, Greg Jenkins, Charles Johnson, Laura Jok, David Kear, Robert Kerwin, Jen Knox, Chuck Kramer, Shane Lake, Dorianne Laux, Thomas Lee, Joan Li, Margit Liesche, Joseph Millar, Rod Val Moore, Eireene Nealand, W.P. Osborn, Cassandra Passarelli, Harry Mark Petrakis, Sofi Stambo, Jim Swierzynski, Jake Tuck, and Ian Randall Wilson.




Volume 22, Spring 2016

Featuring work by Michael Alenyikov, Greg Allendorf, Jennifer Bannan, F. Douglas Brown, Craig Buchner, Kevin Callaway, George Choundas, Thomas Cook, Geffrey Davis, Willer de Oliveira, Toby Donovan, Iris Jamahl Dunkle, Carol Edelstein, Kyle Ellingson, Panio Gianopoulos, Sharon Goldberg, Yen Ha, Jared Harel, Laura Heffington, Rage Hezekiah, Lowell Jaeger, Tim Keppel, Marianne Kunkel, Laura Legge, Christine Lehner, Gotham Mamik, Taylor Mazer, John Milas, Erica Mosley, Jan Nakao, Youmi Park, Glen Pourciau, C.R. Resetarits, Sara Schaff, Susan Sensemann, Craig Shaw, Eleanor Spiess-Ferris, Jason Tandon, Ronald Tobias, Qianyue Xu

Volume 21, Fall 2015

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Fall 2015 issue: Cover illustration, “House on Fire,” by Rumi Hara. Featuring work by Aliki Barnstone • Sharon Barrett • Heather Bowlan • Margaret Chula • Stephen Cloud • Douglas Cole • Diana Crane • David Downie • Peter Ferry • Mauricio Montiel Figueiras • Victor Florence • Edward Garner • Rumi Hara • Natalie S. Harnett • Charles Holdefer • Gary Houston • Suzanne Jill Levine • Erin Lillo • Julia Malye • Michael P. McManus • Devin Murphy • James Paradiso • Charles Parsons • Harry Mark Petrakis • Nicolette Polek • Trenton Pollard • Richard Rapaport • James Reiss • Timothy Richard • Jonathan Rose • Ryan Salazar • Jay Shearer • Peter Stine • Goro Takano • Barbara Tannenbaum • Alison Touster-Reed • John Twohey • Josh Wardrip • Joe Weil • Luke Whisnant • Jerry Whitus • David Winner • Gary Young • Eric Zurita




Cover Italian Issue adjusted 2


Volume 20, Spring 2015, The Italian Issue

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Cover illustration by Rossana Campo, “Il leone della piccola Pauline” from L’arte soppianta tutti gli altri enzimi, Opere 2000-2011, Il Canneto Editore, 2012.


Michela Martini Editor’s Note
J. Rodolpho Wilcock The Exile; Innocent Dream; To Dismantle Myself; Space; The First Ones; The Night of San Giovanni
Guido Morselli The Communist
Mauro Castellani The Pier’s Flowers; Dream on the Wall; Never Again
Aldo Palazzeschi Melodrama; The Writer; To Be or Not to Be
Patrizia Vicinelli [gold and laments]; [oh evidence mock me]; [like beasts “the lions”]; I will not return
Edoardo Sanguineti A Novel; The Ballad of the Wind; For H.C.
Rosebud Rosabella Glory 04; One Way; Rebus
Valerio Magrelli [this page is an uninhabited room]; [Some books can be used]
Giacomo Pilati The King’s Cock
Biancamaria Frabotta [O deceitful sleep who reawakens]; [I dreamt of the Muses of the other hemisphere]; Post Coitum Test
Emanuele Trevi The Star of Dejection
Francesco Verso Celestial Formatting
Sciltian Gastaldi One-Winged Angels
Rudi Dundas Leccino; Love-in-a-Mist; Moon Through Cypress Oaks
Mara Cini [the song shawl]; [gala of ice, see]; [the glare of the name]; [he brings the day]
Patrizia Cavalli [I fall and fall again]
Angela Scarparo The Walk
Massimo Migliorati [Only the surprise of bells tolling]; [Who knows if the wind intriguing us]; [Then we recognize ourselves, now and then]; {And then, if you think about it, the rest]; [The panes streaked by the rain]; [Today is a day of wind]
Alessandra Lavagnino One Winter 1943-1944
Rossana Campo Never Felt So Good
Mauro Casiraghi Requiem Deluxe
Ernesto Livorni Coded Message; The Widow’s Dream; Playing Dead
Gabriele Pedulla Miranda
Franca Di Muzio Arise and Walk
Cristina Alziati To My Father; The Chemo Curls
Nicola Skert Hitorizuma
Fabio Donalisio [to himself]; [manifestino]; [unbelievably alone]; [some things are gaping]; [Rome]
Nicola Manuppelli Summer!
And featuring translators: Bonnie Costello, Frederika Randall, Katia Pansa, Olivia E. Sears, Robert Hahn, Michela Martini, Margaret Brose, Ellen Nerenberg, Elizabeth McKenzie, Georgia Emma Gili, Silvana Mastrolia, Patrizia Villani, Adam Elgar, Adria Frizzi, Traci Andrighetti, Jacob Blakesley, Alta L. Price, Michael Kirylo, Deborah Davies, John Domini

Cover illustration by Rossana Campo


Volume 19, Winter 2015

Octavio Solis Sonia’s New Smile
Chuck Rosenthal The Legend of La Diosa
David William Hill Les Boules de Hong Kong
Patty Houston You Bacon Me Crazy
Alan Cheuse Taste
Gary Houston Gateway
Catherine Segurson Flower Storm
RL Goldberg In the Flesh
Temma Ehrenfeld Before Some Beauty
Eleanor Spiess-Ferris The Art Store
Zack Rogow Havana Twilight
Jack Nicholls Hospital Smoker
Randall Brown Oh, Oh, Oh
Katherine Heiny Cranberry Relish
Coby Hoffman He Will Rise Again in Mariveles
Evie Rucker The Wonderful Day
Johnny Damm Twenty-One Essays on Alberto Cavalcanti
Trilby Kent Heroic Couplings
Benjamin E. Golden Murricuh: A Recon Mission
David Frankel This Is All I Remember
Jacques Prévert Birds At Random
Romana Iorga Out of the Labyrinth
Luis Cernuda Full Moon Night
Roy Bentley Byron and Shelley, Maintaining
Beautiful Ohio
Gail Wronsky For Not In the Vain We Name the ConstellationsThe Light and Shade Upon the Globe
Myron Ernst Encounter
Diana Reaves Heron
Lucia Stacey I Read My Mother’s Journal Once
Esteban Rodriguez Tamales
Stephen Kessler Camden Drive
Doris Avenue
The Floating World
Kathryn Delancellotti San Simeon State Beach, California
Christine Kitano Years Later, Washing Dishes, A Vision
Friday Night Affair
Osip Mandelstam The Age
Nick Courtright There Was Very Little Doubt

Cover photograph by Lucien Hervé

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  Volume 18, Summer 2014

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Joao Melo The Usurper
Naomi O’Hara A Pure Brain
Willer de Oliveira The Urologist
Ali Eteraz The Price of Paradise
Claire Harlan Orsi The Accidental Suicides
Peyton Burgess Auction
Ilya Leybovich Fear of Heights
Peter Ferry The Dead
Christina Yu Brief Moments of Confusion
John Byrne Jackets and Hats
Thomas Lee Ghost of A Tiger Mother
Jordan J. Coriza Garcia and Sons
Thomas A. Dodson The Death of Elpenor
Joseph Holt Sing Along
Jill Birdsall The Secret Life of Darling Biddy
Anthony Feggans The Observation of Children
Dan Moreau Personal Bubble TM
Yoon Choi The Door Guardian
Cathleen Maza Flammable
Carrie Mullins Last Trade
Ed Pavlic Verbatim: Routes
Colette Loves
Michael Milburn Home Grown
Harmony Button Dear Spider(s)
Ryan Michael Johnson Love in July
Paul Verlaine My Familiar Dream
Jon Veinberg The Ethereal Coffeemaker
Stealing Pomegranates
Jacob Newberry Reading Flaubert in Tel Aviv
Christopher Buckley The Usual Existential Subjects
Gambler’s or Monte Carlo Fallacy
celeste doaks Dad’s Golf, a Foreign Language to Me
Memory Before Body
Bryn Homuth Overheard in Leaves
Kenny Tanemura Suiseki
Trauma – A
Natalie Solmer Floral Department Checklist No. 3
Sierra Golden It’s Raining, Again
Fisherman and Wife
Samantha Killmeyer Thunderstorms
Mary Doria Russell Choices
Not on the Probate Inventory
Common Ground
C. Wade Bentley In Re:
A Good Day’s Work
Katherine Vondy Basic Drawing
Matthew Huff Elegy with 8 Legs
Philippe Desportes Icaru

ChicagoQuarterly_cvr_17_rgb_HRVolume 17: The Chicago Issue, 2014

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Paul Skenazy Crossing the Street
The World Left Behind
Don De Grazia Black Was Missing
Natalia Nebel It Hurts
Joe Meno Dares
Cecillia Pinto Automatic
Gina Frangello This Is The President’s Son
Steve Trumpeter The Candidate
Jack Fuller True With Time
Christine Sneed Time Machine
Syed Afzal Haider Half Moon
Sharon Solwitz The Place of No Pain
Liz Radford Pea Cannery
Donald G. Evans The Princess of Portage Park
John Blades The Fourth Dimentia
Paul Nicholas Jones A Secondary Hallucination
Jane Lawless The Fence
Signe Ratcliff Eppy & Tuba Forever
Dipika Mukherjee The Jazz Bar
Umberto Tosi Onion Station
Rogers Worthington Bugroast
Melanie Villines Windy City Sinners
Micki Lesueur Splinters
R. Craig Sautter The Walker
Olga Domchenko Dancing in the Abattoir
J. Wentraub Not Many Trees Out There on Peachtree Street
Andy Holt A Big Red Jumble of Lines
Rosellen Brown The Eyes
Stuart Patterson From Where I Sit
Jan Herman The Paradox of Ben Hecht
Marcia Cavell Waiting
Harry Mark Petrakis Writing and Publication
Garnet Kilberg Cohen The Marriage of Heaven and Hell in the Midwest
James Stacey Colo
Louise Lebourgeois Horizon
Jason Economus Burning Mind
An Interview with Erasing the Distance Founder Brighid O’Shaughnessy
Robert Kerwin Brothers
Gary Houston Class Notes
James Crizer The Dermatoid “I”Panacea
Robert Brown Composite Character
From The Illusion That Is With Its Costume On
L.M. Kell The Explorer Knows
Fused Glass
They Don’t Teach This in Girl Scouts

Volume 16, Spring/Summer 2013

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Amy Bitterman Breeding Grounds
Donna Luff Sirens and Roses, a memoir
Doc Suds Ebisu; Back Then; Lupus
Moazzam Sheikh Invisible Strands
Jory Post Worm Tag
Geffrey Davis A Third Grader Draws Texas; What I Mean When I Say Chinook Salmon
Alfredo Vea Every Goat On Earth
Douglas Cole The Lie Detector
Richard M. Lange The Golden Opportunity
Yumi Wilson The Dog Park, an essay
Spencer Golub and David Hancock Peoria
Karen Kates Dunk Tank
Christopher T. Anderson Haphephobia: The Fear of Being Touched; Heaven, A Tour
G.H. Smith The Gravity of Desire
Mark Wisniewski Tender
Robert Savino Oventile How The Flowers Fall, an essay
William L. Alton Civilization; Collard Greens in the Middle of the Night
Sherrie Flick Horizon
Robert Yune April First
Sjohnna McCray Bedtime Story #1; Midlife Crisis in Boots
Julianne Hill Kudzu, an essay
David James Keaton Egg Tooth
Nancy Lord It Takes A Wolf
Michael Bazzett Stephen
Thomas Brian Provincials
Kimberly Farrar Dear Pluto

Volume 15, Fall/Winter 2012

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Charles Haddox The Turned-Into’s
John Wilmes Davey
Donald G. Evans Family Update
Samson Stillwell This Way of Being Awake
Judith Aller The Beast With Five Fingers, a memoir
Nicola Manuppelli Bowling
Robin Curtiss The Kissing Booth
Idra Novey Joan of Arc Takes Over the WTO
Mark Hage Gnat
Alta Ifland Lost in Shanghai
James O’Brien The Father’s Lament, a translation from Beowulf
Shelley Davidow The Violin Teacher
Wallace Baine Connecticut
Alice Phung At Eighteen
Signe Ratcliff The Answer Girl
Lynn Melnick Historical Accuracy
Scott Solomon Waiting for Sweetcorn
Jennifer Firestone From Ten
Erik Hanson Just One Drop
Abe Aamidor My Stupid Life Dot Com
Andy Austin Entropy
Howard Altmann The Defining Punch
Craig Hartglass The Tens
Lois Barliant Remembering Pepper Furey, an appreciation
Pepper Furey Good Morning, Mr. Dog

Volume 14, 2012

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Cindy Adrian Lynn
Deni Y. Béchard An Opera of War
Mark Burke Matchmaker
Elizabeth Crane Justin Bieber’s Hair in a Box / Colonel Sanders Has a Choice
Laura Deily Hospital Poem
Chidelia Edochie Family Trip
Graham Foust Broken Poem / The New Things
Janet Freeman Perfect Blemish
Molly Giles Bothered
Ryuta Imafuku, translated
by Yukiko Terazawa
The Resonance of Immigrant Voices, an essay about the writing of Karen Tei Yamashita
Robert Kerwin The Place, a memoir
Ben Levaton A Conversation with Amanda Field, CQR Poetry Editor
Christopher Linforth Father and Son, Inc.
Andrea Malin  A Quiet Insurrection
Pamela Martin Sutton Hoo
Kelly McNamara This Is How Much You Need A Dog, a memoir
Todd Melicker King & Queen
Karen T. Miller Men’s Briefs
Micah Perks The Comeback Tour
Andrew X. Pham Lost Hours, a memoir
Elizabeth Robinson If my Interlocutor were my Judge / If my Interlocutor were Grace (Sewing and Spinning) / If my Interlocutor were Faith (Midwiving)
Jack Ryan Superheroes
Laura Sims Haiku for the End of Time
Adriano Spatola, translated
by Beppe Cavatorta and Polly Geller
The Porthole
Najm Hosain Syed A Translator’s Note / Chronicle of a War / Stump / You / Khayal / Road / Goki
Vito Victor Full Many a Glorious Morning Have I Seen, an essay
Ken Weisner Emigrant
Paul A. Williams Promise Me This, a memoir

Volume 13, 2010

Liz Abraham We Have Always Done This
Jody Azzouni Way Back When. A Long Time Ago. When Colors Could Sing.
John Blades Bad Job, Tommy
John Chandler Tourettes
Timothy Crandle Night Vision
Olga Domchenko All I Want is My Mother and Viggo Mortenson
Malon Edwards Off the Wall
Temma Ehrenfeld Definition
Michael Fessler Montage for Marianne
Ruth Goring Arc
Caitlyn He Persephone
Vanessa Hemingway The Package
Eric Lee On the Way to Gasparilla
Lynn Martin Cosmos & Love; Ocean; The Old
Roberta Montgomery Updike’s Lawn
Ifti Nasim A Boy Taught Me How to Kiss a Girl
Maria Nazos Watching Bergman Films with My Mother
Anthony Opal Monk’s Thought
Laura Wine Paster The Gasp
Jake Ricafrente Concerning Stars
Brad Rohrer Handcuffs
Peter Sheehy That Dance People Do
M.E. Silverman The Freak from Kulkousky Street
Don Skiles Archimedes Smokes Camel Straights
Robert McClure Smith A Turkey
Randolph Splitter Gorilla Boy
James Stacey My Functional Family: A Memoir
Brent Weinbach An Evening Out On the Town
Paul Wellons Brothers in Arms

Volume 12, 2009

Ruth Bavetta Now Is the Time of Black Lizards
Randy Blythe Lying on My Back Looking Up
M.L. Brown Ways of Being: the Empty Cup, Coyote Fire
Susan Howard Case Remission
William Eisner The Retirement Party
Donna Emerson Destination Well Known
Margaret B. Ingraham Tidewater, Remembering Papa
John Philip Johnson My Uncle and I Chatted
David Joseph Into the Gulf
Elizabeth Kay Drowning Girl
David Kinsbourne Paramedic
Carolyn Kraus Running in Place
Sarah McKinstry-Brown Letter to the Land of My Birth
Kat Meads Among the Wakeful, These
Greg Przekwas Or All That Close
Ingrid Satelmajer Some Strange and Unlikely Coincidence
Catherine Ennis Sears Wide Wide Wide
Pete Shanks One More June
Alice Stern About Food
Helen Wickes Day After Easter, Point Reyes
Ilona Yusuf miniature

Volume 11, Spring 2008

Edoardo Sanguineti Poetry translations, plus translators’ statement.
David Fleming Negro Boy, 14
Gary Miller Truest Curse
Michael Davis The Man in Africa
Arthur Fox Three Poems
Jody Azzouni Sirens
Anne-E Wood Drinking and the Dead
Paul Luikart Three Poems
Deborah Guerra The Interview
Carrie Messenger How the Romanians Ruined Christmas
Camillo Sbarbaro Poetry translations, plus translators’ statement.

Volume 10, Fall/Winter 2007

Richard N. Bentley Hallowe’en Afternoon Soaring Will this Poem be on the Final Exam? You Want Fries with That?
Alexander Boldizar Before the Law
J.E. Boles Rona Pagliaro
Jane Carter Good Food
Casey Comstock Lengua
Suzanne Franklin His Beautiful Face
Richard Huffman Risk of the Open Sea
Greg Jenkins Double or Nothing
William E. Meyer New Man in Town
Annis Shivani After 9 p.m. No Visitors Allowed
Dorothy Stroud Diaspora Hawk Factor

Volume 9, Summer/Fall 2006

Paul Kaidy Barrows Ground Zero
Richard N. Bentley On the Barge Marie Jose
Marsha Lee Berkman Acts of Mercy
Michelle Brooks Every DayHow to Own and Operate a Haunted House Love One Another Constantly
Paul Donahue Dead Baby
J.B. Hollander Victory, a Tale of Tbilisi
Jane Adams Hull House After School Matters Young Eyes, Wise Visions
Mary Jones When You Get There
Jim Kudrick Story of a Parking Meter
Cortwright McMeel Bus Driver
J.E. Ogle The King of Fish Castles
D’Arcy Ann Pryciak To a Friend From a Writer Growing Older True Northern Coldblood
Jenene Ravesloot In Order to Describe You The Deaf Girl Triptych
Jeff Schmidt The Dollar Store Bargain
Dwain Voorhis Slitherlove

Volume 8, Winter 2005

Mary Bartek Monday’s Mail
Richard N. Bentley Collateral Damage Flight How to Make a Wasp TrapMemo to the Accounting Department Now
June Rachuy Brindel Five Poems on Grief
Mark W. Brown The Magic Words
Glen Chestnut Walling Out the Light
Joe Ducato Out in the Moonlight Alone
Rich Hallstrom The Ruin of Rose
Amy Harke-Moore Ten-Mile Drive
Kathryn Kefauver Salvaging
Annam Manthiram Somesh and Padmani
Nancy McCoy The Barrier
Even E. Mingle Notes from 22B
Gregory Phillan A Night in the Woods
Jenene Ravesloot From My Sketchbook
Jay Todd Goodnight Reilly
Vito Victor Treason

Volume 7, Winter 2004

Melanie VanBeck Chasing the Coyote
Richard Lee Zuras Your Father and Mine
J.E. Bennett Winter Moon Sculptural Bias In the WoodsBridge in July
Rebecca S. Mills As Simple as That
Diana López Rita’s Monkey Head
Les White Julie Joined the Navy
Rita O’Hara —paintings—
Sandy Tanaka Edgar and Ramona
Rose Rappoport Moss Agave
Jane Lawrence Hospitality
Mary Beth Leymaster Matteo Whoever Heard of Such a Thing, Anyway?
Halcyon Mancuso Children of Summer
Kenneth G. Allen, Jr. A Chocolate Kiss-Off
Guy Gauthier Water & Earth: A Journal

Volume 6, Winter 2003

Richard N. Bentley Too Far Away Post-Freudian Dreaming
Darren DeFrain Public Displays
Jim Zervanos Oh, Captain
D.E. Laczi Scape: For Edward Hopper
Barbara Hammer Nedlog
Charles Rose D.T.
Jim Mezzanotte Aloha From Honolulu
Kenneth G. Allen My Listening Corner
Rachel Eve Moulton Monkey and the Purple Dragon
Jim Henry New Scales of Magnificence
Peter Moore Smith The Coward

Volume 2.2, Summer 1997

Jane McClellan Where Life Comes Together
Luigi Monteferrante The Lone Traveler
Elizabeth McKenzie What’s Happening in My Eyes
Michael H. Brownstein Aftermath Nursing the Baby
Errol Miller Suburban Westside Concerto Berkeley Avenue This Side of Chicago
Daniel Green Zeal Snows
Leona Green Sketches
Jessica Gilliam Mattress
Henry L. Jones Sun: One Abstractions Heal I am

Volume 1.2, Winter 1994

Joseph A. Barda Living Memories
G.S. Kaplan That’s Got me Through Intimacy At Seven O’Clock, an April Evening
Deborah Morris Acceptable Addictions
Les White Julie Joined the Navy
Karen T. Miller Quietly Out the Door
James Blair Tradition
B.F. Helman Construction untitled
S. Afzal Haider You Waited Too Longuntitled
Faith Miller When He Comes Home
Grace Lane Green Dress

Volume 1.1, Spring 1994

Sunday, Crimson Sunday Syed Afzal Haider
Tim W. Brown Race Fletcher
Deborah Morris Self-Portrait
Jane Lawrence Snakes The Woman in the Corn
Tim Winchester Grapes
Lois Barliant The Morning Service
Greg Anderson Acclaim
Brian Skinner My Advice to Young Writers
Noreene Walsh Prophecies

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